The New Sweet Paper Trail Coming Soon

The New Sweet Paper Trail Coming Soon

In the past few years my website/blog has been evolving slowly.  I guess you can call it a makeover per say.  I have always loved to change my look and it does not differ online.  I have a whole lot of new things in store for my site and my shop, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I know I have been a little MIA lately but it has been for a good reason.  It all starts off with a little makeover to the Sweet Paper Trail Brand and a whole NEW Website.

More details coming soon!

Finance Binder Printables Get A New Look

Finance Binder Printables Get A New Look

A few months ago I released my finance binder printables for all of you to use.  They have become so successful that I decided to create a few new printable looks for you to choose from.  They are now available in a more functional black and white, so you can use it at both work and home, as well as a off-set teal color.  I am currently obsessed with the light teal color so it was bound to happen. The popular, colorful ones are also still available in the shop.







Get these in my ETSY SHOP today!

//  For a more detailed description of each page, check this earlier post. //  Our Finance Binder

2 Iphone Wallpaper Freebies

2 Iphone Wallpaper Freebies

Hello June!! I have been patiently waiting for you for ten years.

Ha! The reason? This month my husband and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!

In celebration mode, I created 2 Iphone Wallpaper Freebies to share my enthusiasm.

You can use these 2 Iphone wallpaper freebies as an image for a quick text message to show how appreciative and proud you are of your man, like I did, or save and set on either your spouse or your own cellphone.  I currently have “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy” as my wallpaper.  It remind me everyday to keep going!  Hope you enjoy.







52 Week Money Saving Printable

52 Week Money Saving Printable

About a month ago I shared with you my Finance Binder Printables.  Along with the worksheets, I found recently found a clever way on Pinterest to save a little over $1,300.00 in a year.  It’s actually really clever, and seems pretty easy.  (I will go into detail below)

As I mentioned I found this idea on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find a quality printout, so I created my own 52 Week Money Saving Printable.


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